Service- and Repairmanagement

Speed and reliability for minimal downtime

Service and repair management

Although failure rates for today's smartphones and tablets are very low, we provide you with quick and efficient service if any failure does occur. The majority of repairs are undertaken by our specialists in Hartmannsdorf, reducing downtime enormously. Our sister company w‑ is certified by all reputable smartphone manufacturers and its technicians have state‑of‑the‑art training. We use only original replacement parts for repairs on devices within the warranty period.

This enables us to guarantee that we will return devices to you with the same level of functionality as they had when they were delivered.
It’s often worth repairing a device, even if its warranty period has elapsed. The trained experts at – another KOMSA subsidiary – will be happy to help you, particularly with cracked screens or declining battery performance. We put together a pool of backup devices for you in accordance with your individual specifications, so a replacement device will always be available if a device is damaged.